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From this section you can gain access to all links, references sources, book reviews etc.



LinkArticles, papers etc.

Referenced articles from journals, periodicals, magazines, occasional publications etc. These are references to the actual articles - not the publication which contains them (some of the publications may themselves have an entry elsewhere). Each article is accompanied by a brief description and a full bibliographical citation. Occasionally, a fuller description may be given under the Review heading.


Books of special interest to the wildlife gardener are organised within this section. Note that format and citation details for books only apply to the copy at hand. So for example, if the format details state that the book is softback, this does not mean that a hardback version isn't available.


This section catalogues reference material available on a range of multimedia, e.g. CDs, DVDs, Videos etc.

LinkWeb Citations

Information from websites. These references normally apply to particular web pages rather than whole web-sites. Generally, they are references to specific information cited to support text found in Space For Nature; for example a feature article. Web citations are accompanied by a full URL and the date when the information was retrieved. There is no guarantee that the URL will still be available, or its content unchanged, at a later date.


Websites related to wildlife gardening and garden wildlife. Each website is accompanied by a brief description and URL. Some sites are also reviewed at more length.

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