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Gallery: Garden animals

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Birds, mammals, amphibians, insects, spiders and more: animals which can occur in our gardens are to be found within this gallery.

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LinkGarden amphibians

Over the last 40 or so years, as many natural wetland areas have been drained, gardens have become an immensely important habitat for many of our native amphibians. Here are some pictures of those likely to be found in gardens.

LinkGarden birds

Birds are so often the real stars of our gardens. Since gardens often approximate to a woodland edge habitat which is very rich in birds, a great many of our native species will turn up in gardens.

LinkGarden insects

Here are some of the insects you could come across in the garden. The beauty of this group of animals is that it is so large and diverse, with so many individuals, that you never know what you might turn up.

LinkGarden mammals

Often shy and elusive, and usually creating great excitement when they show up; many of our native mammals visit our gardens. Here are pictures of some of them.

LinkGarden reptiles

Reptiles are amongst the most exciting animals that visit our gardens. Half of our six native species are regular garden visitors.

LinkGarden spiders

There are many species of spiders closely associated with human habitation and our gardens.

LinkVarious garden animals

Various other animals found in the garden.

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