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Features: Garden wildlife

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The features under this section all relate to the wildlife that can be found and encouraged in our gardens.



Banner imageLife-changing encounters with garden birds

An introduction to the subject of garden birds.

Banner imageWasps: friend or foe?

Social wasps are probably the most maligned of British insects; but do they deserve their bad press? Make up your own mind after taking a closer look at British wasps.

Banner imageLiving with Mammals

Mammal Trust UK's annual survey of these spaces, Living with Mammals, begins its fifth survey season this year and has shown that, when we take the time to look, it can be surprising who we find our neighbours are.

Banner imageFungi

Most gardens will sport a few fungi in late summer and autumn, but many people will overlook them or worse, blindly attempt to eradicate them regardless of species. It doesn't have to be like this: Mike Beswick articulates his fascination for these most maligned 'plants'.

Banner imageCats and Garden Widlife

How can the wildlife gardener who has a cat minimise the potentially disruptive behaviour of their pet?

Banner imageCounting garden birds

A look at the options open to those people who would like to put records of birds using their gardens to greater use.

Banner imageWatching Garden Wildlife

Attracting wildlife to your garden is all very well, but are there things you can do to increase your enjoyment of it once it arrives? Jason Alexander talks about the exciting new technique of video surveillance.

Banner imageWinter-flying Bumblebees

If you live in the South or West of England and Wales, or the Midlands, have you seen any bumblebees this winter? If so, your eyes were not deceiving you! This is a growing phenomenon and it could well be a result of our changing climate.

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