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News: August 2003

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Full list of banned chemicals

Appeared on Space For Nature on August 5th 2003
Tightened EU regulations have led to manufacturers withdrawing a number of chemicals previously sold for use by gardeners. From the end of this year (31st December 2003) it will not even be legal for gardeners to use existing stocks.
Many of these chemicals have been established for a long time and will be found in many garden sheds and garages. Many of the chemicals might actually have met the requirements of the new regulations, but often the manufacturers have decided that it's not cost effective to get them 'certified' and have simply withdrawn them. If you believe that you have any of these chemicals, you should contact your local authority to find out how they are advising that you dispose of them.

In my opinion, fewer chemicals in the garden can only be a good thing and I, for one, am not sorry to see the list of those that can be applied willy-nilly become a bit shorter.

  • ASDA Lawn Feed Weed and Mosskiller
  • ASDA Lawn Feed and Weed
  • ASDA Lawn Spot Weeder
  • Lawn Weed Killer
  • AgrEvo Lawn Weedkiller Concentrate
  • Armillatox (Plant Protection Uses Only Withdrawn)
  • B & Q Granular Weed and Feed for Lawns
  • B & Q Lawn Feed and Weed
  • B & Q Lawn Spot Weeder
  • B & Q Lawn Weedkiller
  • B & Q Liquid Weed and Feed
  • B & Q Nettle Gun
  • B&Q Spring Lawn Care Granular Feed Weed
  • B&Q Spring Lawn Care Granular Feed Weed Mosskiller
  • Boots Nettle and Bramble Weedkiller
  • Cutlass (Miracle Garden Care Ltd)
  • Cutlass (The Scotts Company)
  • Do It All Lawn Feed & Weed
  • Do-It-All Lawn Weedkiller
  • Do It All Wipeout! Lawn Weed Killer
  • Doff Lawn Feed and Weed
  • Doff Lawn Spot Weeder
  • Doff Lawn Weed and Feed Soluble Powder
  • Doff Nettle Gun
  • Doff New Formula Lawn Weedkiller
  • Evergreen Grasshopper
  • Fisons Ready-to-Use Lawn Weedkiller
  • Fisons Water-on Lawn Weedkiller
  • Focus Lawn Feed and Weed
  • Focus Lawn Spot Weeder
  • Focus Lawn Weedkiller
  • Focus Nettle Gun
  • Grasshopper Triple Action
  • Grasshopper Weed & Feed
  • Great Mills Lawn Feed & Weed
  • Great Mills Lawn Spot Weeder
  • Great Mills Lawn Weedkiller
  • Greensward Triple Action
  • Groundclear
  • Homebase Lawn Weedkiller Liquid
  • Homebase Lawn Weedkiller Ready To Use Sprayer
  • Homebase Liquid Lawn Feed and Weed
  • Homebase Nettle Gun
  • House Plant Pest Killer
  • J Arthur Bower's Granular Feed and Weed
  • J Arthur Bower's Granular Feed, Weed and Mosskiller
  • J Arthur Bower's Lawn Feed and Weed
  • J Arthur Bower's Lawn Feed, Weed and Mosskiller
  • J Arthur Bower's Lawn Weed and Mosskiller
  • J Arthur Bower's Lawn Weedkiller
  • Jeyes Fluid (Plant Protection Uses Only Withdrawn)
  • Lawn Weedkiller
  • Lawn Weedkiller Concentrate
  • Levington Ready to Use Lawn Weedkiller
  • Levington Water-on Lawn Weedkiller
  • Murphy Clover-Kil
  • New Supertox
  • Nimrod T
  • Nimrod T
  • Roseclear 2
  • Roseclear 2
  • Touchweeder
  • Tumbleweed Clover
  • Tumbleweed Clover Ready to Use
  • Tumbleweed Lawns
  • Tumbleweed Lawns Ready to Use
  • Verdone Plus
  • Wilko Granular Feed and Weed for Lawns
  • Wilko Granular Feed, Weed and Mosskiller
  • Wilko Granular Feed, Weed and Mosskiller for Lawns
  • Wilko Lawn Feed and Weed
  • Wilko Lawn Feed, Weed and Mosskiller
  • Wilko Lawn Spot Weeder
  • Wilko Lawn Weed and Feed
  • Wilko Lawn Weedkiller
  • Wilko Nettle Gun
  • Wilko Soluble Lawn Food and Weedkiller
  • Woolworths Lawn Spot Weeder
  • Woolworths Lawn Weed and Feed
  • Woolworths Lawn Weedkiller
  • Woolworths Liquid Lawn Feed and Weed
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