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Gallery: Garden insects

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Here are some of the insects you could come across in the garden. The beauty of this group of animals is that it is so large and diverse, with so many individuals, that you never know what you might turn up.

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LinkGarden beetles

The most diverse group of animals in the world - beetles are well represented in the garden though often hard to find and see.

LinkGarden bumblebees

Its hard to imagine a summer garden without the gentle buzz of bumblebees. Here is a selection of those you are most likely to encounter in the garden.

LinkGarden butterflies

Few animals are as emblematic to the wildlife garden as butterflies and its easy to see why.

LinkDragonflies and damselflies

The dragonflies and damselflies (order Odonata) are, perhaps only second to the butterflies, the most spectacular group of insects which regularly occur in gardens. A pond in the garden is a sure-fire way of attracting some members of this group.

LinkGarden flies

The true flies, or Diptera, is one of the largest, diverse and most successful groups of insects. True flies have only two wings: the hind wings are reduced to two small organs called halteres which counterbalance the forewings in flight.

LinkGarden moths

An amazingly diverse group of often very beautiful animals; yet their largely nocturnal habits mean they remain a mystery to many gardeners.

LinkSocial wasps

A most unfairly maligned group of interesting and beautiful animals. Several species are common in gardens and, with practice, they can be told apart.

LinkVarious insects

Assorted garden insects.

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