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News: Spring/Summer 2006

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Wild in your garden

Appeared on Space For Nature on February 3rd 2007
Lancashire Wildlife Trust is inviting keen wildlife gardeners to enter a national competition where they may have the opportunity to have their garden featured on BBC television.

Peter Mallon, Communication Officer, explains, "So many people are now getting the wildlife gardening bug it's making a real difference to the fortunes of Lancashire's wildlife. We want to celebrate this by asking people to tell us the best things about their own gardens and which creatures are making their homes there."

Lancashire Wildlife Trust isn't just looking for beautiful gardens alive with birds and butterflies - it would like to hear about the unusual too - people who feed dormice, badgers and foxes or who have just one peculiar but amazing species which uses their garden because of something they've done. All the entries will be forwarded to the BBC who will be filming the best gardens from around the country in summer 2007.

To enter the competition, simply write a description (300-450 words) about the wildlife you see in your garden and what you've done to entice it there. If you have good photos or video footage, you can send them in as well, by post to:

Howard Park
Communications & Campaigns Officer
The Wildlife Trusts
The Kiln
Mather Road
NG24 1WT
Phone: 0870 0367711
Direct: 01636 670082
Fax: 0870 036 0101

Entries must be received by 20 February 2007 and cannot be returned. Label every item clearly with your full name and contact details.

Peter Mallon. 2007. The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside.

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