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Gallery: Garden birds

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Birds are so often the real stars of our gardens. Since gardens often approximate to a woodland edge habitat which is very rich in birds, a great many of our native species will turn up in gardens.

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One of the most typical garden birds and also very beautiful. Also one of the few garden birds where male and female are quite different in appearance.

LinkBlue tits

These were one of the delights of my parents garden and perhaps the species which first switched me on to wildlife. Generally the commonest tit to be seen in the garden.


Chaffinches (Fringilla coelebs) are one of the most familiar of garden birds. The female is fairly plain, though not unattractive. The male, if it weren't for the fact that it is so common, would elicit gasps of admiration from those who see it!


Probably the most popular garden bird in the UK where they are often very tame - this contrasts to the rest of Europe where robins are more usually regarded a shy woodland bird.


Siskins often visit gardens in late winter and early spring, especially in years when their natural food of birch, alder and conifer seed is not as abundant as usual.

LinkHouse sparrows

Many of these pictures of sparrows were taken over 20 years ago when they could still be regarded as a common bird. Common certainly, but nonetheless attractive and always entertaining.

LinkVarious birds

Assorted garden birds.

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