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Diary: June 2005

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Blue tits fledge - see the pictures!

12th June 2005 in the garden diary...
At least one brood of blue tits (Parus caeruleus), have fledged over the weekend and I seem to be almost tripping over them in the garden.
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Fledged blue tits
I think that the birds I saw in the garden today were mostly from the family which used the nest box on my birch tree (Betula sp.) - see diary entry for June 1st, but I got the impression that perhaps another brood from a neighbouring garden were also around.

Fledgling blue tit and parent
Here a parent bird brings what looks like a caterpillar to one of the fledglings.
Fledgling blue tit
Close-up view of the same fledgling in a plum tree.
Fledgling blue tit begging for food
A fledgling in a Clematis begs for food from one of its parents.
Fledgling blue tit on a wall
The fledglings have not learned to be cautious of people, allowing a close approach to be made.

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