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Gallery: Garden flora

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Images of plants of special interest to the wildlife gardener are organised within this gallery and its side galleries.

Side galleries


LinkBorder plants

We use plants from a variety of natural communities in our borders. Here are some which are especially useful to the wildlife gardener.

LinkClimbing plants

Climbing plants are particularly useful in the wildlife garden because they maximise the use of a normally limited space, providing shelter and nesting opportunities for many animals.


Almost any plant can be grown in a suitable container. There is huge scope for using containers imaginatively in a wildlife garden. Here are some examples.


Fungi aren't usually easily cultivated in the garden, but the fortunate gardener may be lucky enough to find some real beauties turning up.

LinkFlora of the 'margins'

Some plants are so versatile that they can crop up in nearly any situation - they are opportunists, often growing like 'weeds'. Many of them are also amongst our most beautiful flowers.

LinkGarden meadow flora

The plants in this gallery may all be found or used in the garden 'meadow' or just in the lawn.

LinkGarden pond flora

Under this gallery you will find images of plants typically associated with ponds. Particularly, of course, those of interest to the wildlife gardener.

LinkGarden shrubs

Trees and srubs of special interest to the wildlife gardener.

LinkGarden 'woodland floor' flora

Most of the 'woodland' plants we use or find in our gardens are actually plants of the woodland edge or hedgerow since few of us have proper woodland canopy in our gardens. Some of our favourite natives are plants of these habitats.

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